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RRL Working Side-by-Side with Cornish Business

Monday 3rd September, 2018

RRL Working Side-by-Side with Cornish Business

Steve Maggs is Tax Partner at RRL, a leading independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers based in Cornwall. Here Steve explains the importance of small businesses getting the high quality advice.

Cornwall is home to a vibrant community of SMEs, ranging from traditional family-run businesses through to high tech start-ups. This diversity is just one of the reasons that we are proud to be able to call Cornwall our home. We work side-by-side with businesses large and small to help them achieve their goals. 

At RRL, we are driven by a passion for adding value to our clients' businesses through advice and a true understanding of Cornwall’s economic landscape. Earlier this year we went through a rebrand, prompting questions such as "Has our outlook shifted?" and "Has our client base changed?" The answer is a categorical no. The rebranding process enabled us to place the firm under a microscope, and identify what RRL is truly about; the ability to see the bigger picture for small and medium Cornish businesses and provide a high-quality advisory service for our client base.

Many advisers make the mistake of compartmentalising their market by size; however, we do not. We believe that it is not the size of a company that matters, but what stage of the ‘business life cycle’ they are at. Size does not govern the advisory needs of a business. Some micro businesses are some of the highest growth businesses around, requiring bespoke advice and not a one-size-fits-all approach. The strategy of an established company will be different to one preparing to expand, no matter how big or small. The advice we provide to each of our clients is based on their individual accountancy and tax requirements, not their scale. 

Small businesses in Cornwall need to be confident that their advisers can fulfil their needs and we pride ourselves on taking the proactive approach that businesses desperately need. We focus on the aims and objectives of the business and its owners, given the unique diversity in Cornwall. Businesses need to be confident that their advisers have the capability to fulfil their needs and look at the bigger picture.

We are incredibly proud to live and work in such an entrepreneurial part of the country, and have the privilege of supporting businesses on their journeys who deserve to benefit from high-quality advice. We strive to add value wherever possible; offering our expert advice and support during the inevitable twists and turns that come with owning a small business.

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