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About Newham BID

What is Newham BID's vision & what has Newham BID achieved?

Newham BID’s vision for the current second term is ‘To improve and raise the profile of Newham & Port of Truro through making it more attractive, accessible, safer and better promoted’.

BID aims and objectives for the 2nd term

  1. To create a Newham & Port of Truro that is an accessible and attractive place to do business by maintaining and landscaping communal areas and signage and lobbying for improvements to roads and footpaths
  2. To create a safe and secure commercial area through maintaining CCTV surveillance, by introducing security patrols and working closely with other agencies to solve issues
  3. To enhance the profile of Newham & The Port of Truro and promote individual businesses to drive footfall and sales through a concerted PR and Marketing campaign
  4. To support Newham’s businesses through representing their interests, lobbying on issues that matter to them or impede their ability to trade to their full potential

The current business plan can be viewed here and includes projects under the themes of Enhance the Environment, Safe & Secure, Place & Promotion and Creating Connections.

Over the past nine years, the BID has invested levy payer’s money into Newham; the resulting achievements are documented here.

Newham BID comes to the end of its second five-year term on 31st August 2023. Businesses are invited to contribute their ideas and feedback to help shape the third term business plan which will be published in Spring 2023 ahead of a summer ballot. For more information on the prospective third term, click here

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