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Robert Dabb, RPD Tyres, Edhen Park, Harvey Road

"As a new business, it's reassuring to know that Mel and the team at Newham BID are there, often going above and beyond to support each of us. We're blessed to have the BID working with us to help this industrial estate thrive."

Kathryn Dymond, Bishop Fleming, Newham Road

Newham BID plays an important role in supporting and uniting the Newham business community. This has been proven recently as they have taken on a vital part in coordinating views and putting the businesses interests first. Their support also enables businesses to mix, improve security in the area and support safe business, especially during the COVID pandemic. Newham BID have also been a great help in promoting our PR stories locally. The team are always proactive in approaching us for any articles and maximising on local campaigns. Their help is gratefully received!”

Michelle Pearce, RRL, Newham Road

‘Mel is always really proactive and thinks laterally for the benefit of the area.  She has a really cohesive approach and get the balance right for the benefit of all of the varied businesses throughout Newham.’


Tanya Blackman, Kartha, Higher Newham Lane

“Newham BID have been really helpful to us as a small business. They have arranged an article in the local newspaper and helped us find tenants for our vacant offices. There is a great atmosphere amongst the business owners here thanks to the networking they have done.”

Roman Drew, Truro Recycling Centre, Newham Road

"Newham Bid is important to our business with their frequent communication about new and existing projects and vital works happening on the industrial estate. Mel has shown a great interest in keeping the industrial estate functional and well maintained so that it looks well-kept and professional.  It’s important for us to know what is going on in the area and what might affect our business”

Janet Martin, Tilewise, Newham Road

“Mel and Newham BID have been great at keeping us all informed about the latest developments on the narrowing of Newham Road. If it proceeded, it would make the road unsafe for motorists, cyclists and walkers and impossible for HGV deliveries to reverse into our yard. Without the BID, we wouldn’t have known what was going on nor had the opportunity to challenge it”

Freya Peachey, City of Truro Sea Cadets, Heron Way

“Newham BID has been really good at getting us all working together to take a pride in the area. Lots of our cadets came out to help in the recent littler pick held in Newham.

Our young volunteers had a great time and managed to collect up quite a bit of rubbish. It’s events like this that make all of the businesses and organisations across Newham feel like they are part of a community.”

Katie Harland, Cornish Mutual, Newham Road

“Being able to come to work in a nice location is one of the advantages about being based here in Newham. Mel and her team have managed to organise landscaping work at the start of the estate which makes a real difference to how the place looks and feels. We’re keen to work together with Newham BID on their green and sustainability projects and have already taken part in a climate training session, organised for businesses this year.”

Matthew Hurst, Three Rivers Furniture, Heron Way

“We were contacted by CORMAC regarding overhanging trees receiving a very officious letter. Mel advised on the right course of action and helped with the organisation. It is great having the BID and Mel’s support especially.  I know how to run a furniture business, but Newham BID knows all the contacts when something goes wrong, who to approach and how to do it. It would take me hours to find out otherwise, time I just don’t have.”

Cameron MacQuarrie, Macsalvors Crane Hire, Newham Road

“The BID gives Newham a voice – without it we would all be silent and nothing would have happened to represent the business voice which supports and generates wealth and prosperity for our community.  A recent example is challenging Cornwall Council’s ill-conceived road narrowing proposals. Newham BID arranged meetings with the council, produced a unilateral and co-ordinated response. The degree of enthusiasm and the depth of knowledge of the BID staff is unparalleled. Without this any attempt at protest would undoubtedly have foundered. One of the big advantages is Newham BID has the knowledge of local and national government procedures and who to contact when. 

Cameron MacQuarrie, Macsalvors Crane Hire, Newham Road

Looking around Newham since the inception of the BID, we now have security cameras and patrols, attractive signs and the whole place is much tidier and cleaner creating an immediate good impression to all customers and visitors. Newham is fortunate to have enjoyed this facility and this must continue.

Gary Morse, Landlord of property on Heron Way:

“Mel has, in all matters, been most helpful and has secured my company a number of tenants when we have had vacant premises. Newham as an industrial estate is first class. I also own Tresillian Business Park so fully appreciate the complexity of multiple tenant occupation which the BID handles in a very professional manner. The Estate would be much the poorer without the BID. Newham BID has been the rallying point for opposition to the ludicrous road narrowing scheme, which would have gone completely unchallenged if it were not for the BID and especially Mel.”

Manda Brookman, Volunteer Cornwall, Heron Way

“We are working with Newham BID on landscaping around the Volunteer Cornwall building, which is contributing to our work to understand and manage our impact and influence in terms of the climate and ecological crises. We're delighted to receive the planting improvements and seating which will increase habitat, pollinator resource and staff wellbeing around the building - and encourage other businesses to take similar action.”

Russell Dodge, BLS Estates, Heron Way

“Since its formation, Newham Bid has had a tremendous impact on the vitality of Newham as a business quarter.  Newham BID has been responsible for developing a vibrant and extremely strong business community.”

Jodie Strick, iSight Cornwall, Heron Way

“We’ve been really happy with the PR support we’ve received through Newham BID. We’ve had several articles in the West Briton which were only made possible through the BID and we even had a video produced for us by the BID team. The team also regularly share our social media posts, helping us to reach more local businesses.”


Dirk Goodman, Fresh From Cornwall Ltd, Newham Road

“Newham BID has been successful in many ways, from simple things like improved signage and CCTV and far more complicated achievements, such as bringing businesses on the estate together. This has been done through training courses, such as the climate training and also litter picking days. A lot of businesses who would never have spoken in normal day-to-day business have met each other and friendships have been forged.  I was sceptical at first, but I am now a strong supporter. The BID has made me realise that there is a vast wealth of knowledge on many different subjects on the estate. And all of the people I have dealt with are easy to approach and will help out.”


Paul Nash, Howdens, Lighterage Hill

“I have run Howdens in Truro for 25 years. What I like about the BID is the fact that someone cares about our quirky industrial estate. My customers used to struggle to find us but the signage on the estate has improved so much that my customers no longer get lost, which is brilliant. We are a very busy depot with many large deliveries and a large amount of local builders in and out all day. My concern is that the council seem to have forgotten about us and are making it more difficult to enter the estate, rather than supporting the amazing local businesses. Newham BID galvanised businesses and took proactive action to challenge the road narrowing that would have severely impeded our access”

Holly Dowland, Copper Rock Financial Planning, Heron Way

“Newham BID plays a vital role in looking after the interests of all businesses and users of Newham, keeping everyone informed about a range of issues, most recently, the proposed road works and the ongoing campaign against them.”

Adrian Tubb, Trusted Tech, Heron Way

“All the time I have been part of the Newham BID I have always felt welcomed and they have helped me in many ways. The BID has helped me to produce a video to advertise my business along with social posts. I’ve also had two posts in the West Briton not only for my own business but also a challenge I did for charity. Thanks to the BID, I’m always well informed of any issues occurring around the industrial area.”

Emily Carter, Cornwall Garage Door Centre, Higher Newham Lane

“Newham BID has helped our company with the articles on both social media and through the newspaper. This has been a great advertisement and we are able to showcase the latest news. The security patrols organised by the BID have also been so beneficial.  I have used them when I needed assistance to check our compound when our alarm has been going off at 3am. We are proud to be a part of Newham BID.”


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