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Volunteer Cornwall launches biggest ever recruitment drive

Wednesday 3rd July, 2024

Volunteer Cornwall launches biggest ever recruitment drive

Newham based charity Volunteer Cornwall has joined forces with Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum to launch the biggest volunteer recruitment campaign Cornwall has ever seen. The message is simple: volunteering is good for you, it’s good for communities, it’s good for the planet so get involved.

Volunteer Cornwall is a charity dedicated to building social capital and developing the wellbeing of individuals and communities in Cornwall. The recruitment drive comes as part of a year long campaign to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to give something back to their communities while improving their own physical and mental health in the process.

Andy Brelsford, Manager at Volunteer Cornwall, said “We want to not only thank the many thousands of people who already give their time to help others but also to encourage more people to come forward and join in.”

There are an estimated 5,500 charities and community groups in Cornwall and many of them rely on volunteers to undertake their vital work in the communities they serve. Cornwall already has one of the highest volunteering rates in the country with over a third of people regularly undertaking some form of volunteering.

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